We love to hear your Testimony! Do you have a testimony or experience at a Broken 2 B Healed Conference? Or just share your testimony on how God delivered and healed you! We love to hear from you, your testimony may help another heal.

You can send Testimonies to Broken 2 B Healed at broken2bhealed@gmail.com 

This conference was “Special”

This conference was “Special”. A lot went into it and a lot of opposition went against it but God prevailed! I am so glad to have been a part of this conference and the move of God! God gave confirmation, assurance, and inspiration. – Darlene Laney, May 2016

Darlene Laney

To God Be The Glory!

To God be the Glory for what he has done through all the women that were used by the Lord.I thought this conference was such a blessing, the intimacy, the overwhelming presence of the Spirit of God. From the first speaker presentation for deliverance to having us view our armour was only meant to usher in the presence and power of the Lord to do what needed to be done in us all. God willing see you all next year for greater. – Sandra Nelson, May 2015

Sandra Nelson

God Truly Blessed Me….

God truly blessed me this past weekend at the Broken 2 B Healed Conference. Arch Bishop brought the blessing to me, God is so good that I was purged at the altar! This conference brought healing in my Spirit, I thank God for Cindy Schwartz Jones, Kina Mcfadden, Arch Bishop, for being obedient to God, this is just my first testimony, many more to come. Hallelujah! Evangelist Carolyn Evans, May 2015

Evangelist Carolyn Evans

Thank You!

Thank you Cindy Schwartz-Jones for allowing me the opportunity to minister at your conference The anointed singers and speakers were such a blessing. Keep allowing God to use you, I am standing in agreement for you, your family and your ministry. Love you! – Dorthina Salery Morris, May 2014

Dorthina Salery Morris

Awesome Time in the Lord!

I had an awesome time in the Lord at the Broken 2 B Healed Conference! The Lord truly had his way. Some souls were won and some women were healed! Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to speak. #speaking2inspire – Dominique Peska-Howell, May 2014

Dominique Peska-Howell




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